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Tiu De Haan

Tiu de Haan is an Oxford-educated creative facilitator, public speaker and musician.

Tiu has been designing and facilitating workshops in creativity, imagination and communication for over 12 years. She founded a successful Lottery funded non-profit devoted to connecting families through play and has led experiential workshops for everyone from7-year-oldss to CEOs, working with organisations as diverse as Lush, the Museum of London, the London College of Communication, Leader’s Quest, Panasonic, The Law Society and the United Nations. She is also the ‘creative angel, sage, oracle and advisor in residence’ (their words, not hers) at the Centre for Quantum Photonics at Bristol University, where she teaches quantum physicists how to think the unthinkable.


As a non denominational celebrant, Tiu designs bespoke ceremonies for people of all values and beliefs, helping them to create meaningful rituals that celebrate the transitions of love, life and death, as well as working with organisations incorporating ritual into culture change. In the last few months, she has been a keynote speaker at Google Campus, Sunday Assembly, Shambala Festival, the International Day of Happiness and Life and her recent TEDx talk, “Why we still need ritual”, has had over 11k views.

She is also a prolific singer songwriter and has recorded and performed everywhere from India to Italy and LA to London, where she now lives on a beautiful houseboat in the heart of the city.


Clients Say ...


"Having been through the range of similar workshops in the Silicon Valley tech world, Tiu’s approach is better than any of them. It was mischievous and thought-provoking."

EJ Johnston, one of Silicon Valley’s leading quantum engineers and inventors

"It’s been helpful for us to “tap into our inner child” when creating sessions so far. We are also more aware of our communication style and ways of engaging our audience. As a result of this training, I will deliver the orientation with more energy, coach people with a creative twist."

Nina Szewczak, Learning & Development at Lush

"Tiu is our creative angel, sage, oracle and advisor in residence."

Musty Rampuri, Senior Programme manager, Centre for Quantum Photonics at Bristol University

"The experience had a dramatic effect on my senses and feeling of presence! It renewed my sense of the mystical, found not in fairy tales but in the very mundane. I felt like I was 5 all over again, but this time there was the awareness that what is real is even more magical than the imagined." 

Melanie Jamieson, Partner, Leaders Quest

"Moving, enlightening, impactful. I left feeling not just like I’d picked up a new set of tools, but feeling lighter in myself."

Max St John, Founder, Wild Things

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