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Applied Imagination

Workshops to stimulate innovation, team and individual creativity

Why is creativity at work so important


From stimulating innovation to dreaming up an inspiring vision that unites your entire organization, creativity is the number one skillset you need to not only survive but to thrive in an ever changing marketplace. 

We offer uniquely original workshops and bespoke training to enhance the gifts your team already possess and give them brand new tools, tricks and techniques to develop new skills.  We help you to:

  • Bring fresh thinking to designing products, processes and projects

  • Explore new ways to delight your customers and break through to new markets

  • Transform breakdowns into breakthroughs, finding brilliant solutions to previously insurmountable problems

  • Master the art of telling amazing stories to win new audiences and engage your stakeholders

  • Unlock hidden talents, generate incredible ideas and galvanise innovative thinking

Bespoke, relevant, productive Workshops

We offer immersive, powerful, innovative creativity training that give you and your colleagues a reliable, creative toolkit.

  • Creative training sessions tailored to you and your team – from 2 hours to 2 days

  • Explore both individual creativity and group collaboration

  • Design your own creative toolbox of tips, techniques and tricks that suit your unique creative working style

  • Learn how the great artists created the optimum conditions for creativity

A survey by Forrester Consulting showed that companies who invest in creativity are more likely to hold market-leading positions and higher market share. 

A Compelling Case for Business Creativity

Companies that foster creativity in all that they do always have the edge over the competition. Not only are they ahead of the curve in terms of the smartest solutions, the greatest innovation and the cleverest communication – they report far higher levels of employee engagement. You and your colleagues are engaged, inspired and eager to bring their A game – because a creative mindset can make work feel like play.

And, quite simply, investing in creativity training makes good business sense.   In times of unprecedented uncertainty, we have to think bigger, dream better and create new ways of seeing, being and working in an ever changing world.

The thing is, we don’t always know how.

Some of the clients we've worked with

Bespoke, Experiential Workshops​




When we access a flow state, we are utterly absorbed, focused and creatively inspired.
We can help you find and create your own practical tools for triggering productive flow states through a variety of techniques, exploring ways to eliminate procrastination and dissolve creative blocks.




We've worked with scriptwriters, PR and Communications professionals and writers.

We can help you to unlock your inner writer with a powerful workshop that will leave you amazed by your own creative abilities and equipped with tools that can be suited to any purpose, from working on that novel in the drawer to honing a client brief. We will even teach you the technique David Bowie himself used to write song lyrics.




Humankind has communicated in stories since the dawn of time – and long before the invention of the printing press. Learn how to tap into this empowering skill set and bring the power of myth, meaning and magical stories into all your communications.


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Tiu de Haan is Principal Facilitator on our range of creativity workshops.

A musician, writer and inspirational coach and speaker, Tiu studied English at Oxford and spent some years in creative arts.

She now focuses most of her time helping people and teams to play bigger, unleash their creativity on business and sometimes personal projects.  She has worked with numerous businesses as disparate asThe Law Society, CBeebies and Google.

She gets rave reviews.



individual or team

An extended, personalised programme, designed to ignite your fire, hone your offering and bring your gifts into the world. 


An experiential journey for those of you who are ready to commit to bringing a particular project into the world.  Regular one to one sessions that will challenge, inspire and manifest your productivity.


This is available either one to one or as an ongoing group process, strictly limited to a maximum of 6 participants.



Some of our workshops are best experienced far away from the familiarity of the workplace, where a change of scene can help us shift our perspective and see the world afresh. Join us in a forest for a half day workshop about reconnecting with our innate imagination, our connection with nature, as well as explore the power of storytelling, both for yourself and others. This is a simple yet powerful way of connecting deeply with ourselves and each other, as well as a practical tool for profound communication.  Or perhaps join us on a city adventure, being inspired by urban creativity with fresh eyes.

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