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Team Building

Teambuilding Events with Purpose


We provide bespoke team-building events across the UK and internationally.

Our approach is to blend enjoyable activities with an opportunity for the team to have deep, meaningful and productive interactions. 

Typical outcomes from team building events include

◼ Resolution of problems in communication, co-ordination and implementation of plans

◼ Revival of team spirit, optimism about the future

◼ Effective formation of a new team

◼ Successful merger between teams

◼ Engagement and buy-in to a new plan

◼ Greater alignment and a greater sense of cohesion between team members

◼ Better understanding of Team Role Preferences (through e.g. the Belbin profile)

◼ Improved co-ordination in processes

◼ Celebration of successes

◼ Team learning from them

Typical Team Issues

But sometimes, not everything is working as well as it needs to.  We have the experience, the tools and the skill to work with problems in the team too – and often are called upon to do this. 

 Examples include

◼ Clash of individuals

◼ Management and leadership style that is not working

◼ A team that is not prioritising important things

◼ Low morale

◼ Loss of key individuals

◼ Significant (even existential) challenge

◼ Responding to a strong competitor

◼ Project failure or limited results

◼ Ineffective inter-team relationships

◼ Underperformance

Team Building (Through Fun/Play)

And finally, there is fun.  Here are some of the enjoyable activities we have facilitated (usually with a learning or relationship improvement intent):

◼ Customised simulations - chosen to focus on 

◼ Innovation/invention competitions

◼ Building challenges

◼ Gameshow formats

◼ Collaborative art making

◼ Collaborative film-making

◼ Escape rooms

◼ Photography and film-making challenges

◼ Competitions

◼ Sports days

◼ Team cookery

◼ Treasure hunts

◼ Charity Challenges

We have the experience and skill to help your team to do something that is memorable, fosters great team relationships, excellent collaboration and co-operation whilst being a heap of fun.

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