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Corporate Away Days

Corporate Away Days

The objectives of an Away Day might include:

◼ Regrouping as a team away from the hustle and bustle of every day

◼ Respond to changes in the market, customers, technologies

◼ Develop or enhance the strategic direction of the business

◼ Review the year to strengthen plans and policies

◼ Recalibrate priorities

◼ Make some big investment decisions such as acquisitions, new product and service developments, new branches or offices

◼ Work through differences of view that may have been holding the Board back

How Do Facilitated Away Days Work?

A facilitated Away Day or Strategic Offsite allows the senior people to fully immerse themselves in the content rather than worry about running the meeting.

A facilitated session has a different tone and feel to normal Board Meetings.  Depth of consideration and more exploratory conversations are encouraged.


Design Of An Away Day


Methods we use in Away Days include:

◼ Collaborative performance review – where participants rate performance of functions and discuss constructive suggestions for improvement

◼ Identify key growth projects

◼ Priorities – getting aligned and injecting urgency in issues as required

◼ Sales improvement planning

◼ Product Roadmap Planning

◼ Customer Service improvement

◼ Resource allocation – we have an interesting way to help you prioritise these

◼ Innovating in The Future – a session to think about fundamental developments in the business’ operating context – the market(s) and the macro environment

◼ Scenario Planning – thinking through some potential scenarios and planning how you will make the most of them

◼ SWOT analysis – a very useful summary tool enabling the Board to define impact, mitigations and exploitations

◼ Risk review – we ask questions in a provocative way to help the Board identify likely risks and work out how to manage them

◼ Innovations – a brainstorming session to identify opportunities for innovation and set expectations for the organisation to progress them

◼ Governance Review – how well have you as a Board fulfilled your Governance Role

Examples Of Away Days We Have Run

Here are some of the Management Away Days we have provided:

◼ Long, Medium and Short Term planning

◼ Strategy setting

◼ Preparing for an IPO

◼ 100 Day Planning Sessions (for post VC investment)

◼ Pulling Together – improving inter-departmental teamwork

◼ Annual Business Plan direction and agreement of key deliverables and targets

◼ Post merger teamworking

◼ Resetting a relationship between Directors in a merged company

◼ Development of a new governance process and structure

◼ Development of a new structure for large not-for-profit group with multiple Boards

◼ Evaluation of a Board through observation, one-to-one reviews

◼ Negotiation of a demerger to Heads of Terms level

◼ Evaluation of strategic options

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