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Project Awaydays

Projects are the engines of growth and improvement.  Project Awaydays help your team to get re-focus, align and re-kindle their motivation.

It’s not uncommon to see projects going off track.  It’s often the case that the team needs to stand back in order to see what is really happening and to initiate action to restore the project to the correct trajectory.

Typical Outcomes From Project Awaydays

◼ Create a project out of an idea using a real-time planning process

◼ Re-commitment to or revision of purpose, outcomes and deliverables

◼ Evaluation of progress against the stated project aims and outcomes

◼ Management of scope, sequencing, resource allocation, finance

◼ Identification and management of risks

◼ Discussion of how key tasks are progressing and idea development for acceleration

◼ Creative discussions to see if there are alternative ways to achieve the outcomes

◼ Recast of timelines, milestones and deliverable due dates

◼ Evaluation of Project Management methodology and performance and agreed improvements

◼ Develop more efficient and productive collaboration processes

Benefits Of Project Awaydays

◼ Diffuse any tension that has developed in relationships

◼ Re-enthuse and re-motivate the team about the project

◼ Improve collaboration between different task teams

◼ Create mutual accountability reflective of the interdependence of most projects

Examples Of Project Away Days

◼ Major telecoms company redevelopment of website using customer personae

◼ Help marketing agency to launch major new fundraising initiative/tool (which eventually raised over £40m)

◼ Evaluate progress on major digital transformation project

◼ Website planning meeting with multiple client stakeholders

◼ Develop service expansion plan for digital marketing agency

◼ Stress-test a software application development plan

◼ Conduct a “Lessons Learned” review of a major international construction project

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