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Innovation Workshops

Facilitators for Away Days, Team Building Events,

Customer Boards, Innovation, Staff Conferences

Awayday Facilitators

We work with companies large and small to create highly engaging Away Days.  Perhaps you want to define your ambitions and create a rigorous plan to achieve them.

Or maybe you want to inject more innovation to grow more quickly.  Or make the people and teams work more effectively together.

We blend business insight with creative design of your event to let everyone contribute to the best of their ability.

An Away Day can be an important staging post in your journey.  A facilitator can help you to make the very best of this important occasion.

Team Building Events

We help teams to function better: develop clear team objectives, improve team interactions, accelerate projects, be more innovative.

Blending philosophy with management science, organisation development with human connection, we help your teams to work better and achieve more.

What’s more, we do both deep and meaningful and all out belly-laughing fun.

Board Facilitators

Our Board level events provide a valuable opportunity to go deeper into the strategic challenges and plans than ordinary Board Meetings.

Board Members often say that they feel they have learned, contributed and achieved more through a Board Away Day than at any other meeting.  And it allows the organisation to get the best value from their experienced Board Members.

Staff Conference Facilitators

Employee engagement is predictive of business success.  A company conference or away day is a time and space to talk plan, solve, improve, connect.  It’s not just about bringing people along.  It’s about co-creating the future.  The wisdom is often on the front line.  We help to find, develop and deploy that wisdom.

We run groups up to 500 and as well as doing valuable work, agendas are varied and entertaining.

People leave our staff conference events feeling renewed, consulted, informed and engaged.

Innovation Workshops

Innovation is the only safeguard against irrelevance.

An innovation lab will help you to find and develop new ideas and plan their implementation.

We use world-class frameworks and tools to help you evaluate and commercialise successfully.

An innovation event rejuvenates and remotivates all participants.

Some of our Clients

We work with clients large and small, for profit and public sector.  From the smallest to the largest, anywhere in the world.

Some Of Our Facilitators

We always seek to add value at every stage.  We can give you ideas, suggest activities, venues and help you to get the most from your meetings - whatever the objectives.
Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.



Meetings (when well run) can shortcut a lot of mess. Faster thinking, faster decisions, agile company.


Involvement in decisions makes their implementation much more likely. We help your team develop commitment and courage.


We're all looking for opportunities to be inspired, to grow, to break out of stifling routines. An offsite gives you the space to find inspiration.


Innovation is what keeps you relevant. Our workshops very often define new product, service, and process developments. The lifeblood of your future.


Your meetings help to define the culture and the mood of the organisation. We pay great attention to how they are set up and how their outcomes are shared.


We're all looking for opportunities to be inspired, to grow, to break out of stifling routines. An offsite gives you the space to find inspiration.



Where We Work

Our facilitators have worked on every continent and in scores of countries.  We work with many multinational companies.  We don't charge for reasonable travel time.