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Team Building: Meaningful Missions

One And Two Day Team Building Events


Inspire, Unify And Energise Your Team

It’s a crisp morning and your team has gathered for the annual Team Awayday. The caffeinated chatter suggests there is a sense of curiosity tinged with mild apprehension.  Rumours have been circulating.  Everyone is wrapped up in outdoor clothes, waiting to hear what kind of activities will be provided.  Will they be cocktail making or cupcake baking, maybe scaling a climbing wall or solving a puzzle or two?  Only the event organisers know what is to come – and it is no ordinary team building event. This event brings together purpose, passion and playing together as a team like never before.

Because on a Meaningful Mission, your team will find themselves making a real difference, in real life and in real time – and in your real community.

Meaningful Missions connects your organisation with community projects in your local area, tailoring your one or two day team building event for maximum impact, engagement and real world results.

And – it is going to be fun.

So, gather round, people.

It’s time to get started.

The facilitators reveal the plan for the day with excitement, enthusiasm and a touch of theatricality. Participants are set with a task that will make a lasting impact in a truly meaningful mission, that will bring out their best qualities, skills and talents in finding collaborative solutions to enrich a real-life community.

You might be

giving a community centre a spring clean and make-over

applying your green fingers to a communal garden

laying on an afternoon tea and friendship club for senior citizens

refurbishing a playground or play area to the delight of local kids

supporting homeless people with time, care, attention and much needed supplies

providing a free handyperson service to help people with disabilities

doing outreach for a foodbank to get good food to the people who need it


Reactions range from laughter to trepidation.  Some are daunted, others champing at the bit to get started.  All are now switched on, powered up, emphatically engaged in a way that only a routine-busting challenge can achieve.

And as they move into action, you see your team light up. People become their true selves, step into their power, co-operate like never before when acting in the spirit of generosity and community mindedness – because nothing is as exhilarating as giving back.

The facilitators work with the team, making observations and giving feedback, running mini-debriefs in amongst the action to help the team function more smoothly.  It’s all part of the learning agenda.

And at the end of the day, not only has every team member learned more about themselves, each other and what really ignites their sense of purpose – they can look around them at the difference they have made and know that the beneficial effects of this experience will ripple out for a long time to come.

Why A Meaningful Mission For Your Team Building Event?


Making Memorable Moments

Training is not always about information. Sometimes, it’s about creating memorable, meaningful, magical moments that act as emotional and energetic reference points. At work, we seldom have cause to access the full range of our power and capability. Meaningful Missions creates the perfect conditions for a team building experience that can act as a reminder of the power of commitment, capability and of community.  Experiential work like this has the power to enliven your team in ways that will resonate for months and years ahead – and might even transform those water cooler moments into truly meaningful conversations.  “Do you remember that time when ….”


Team Analysis

Meaningful Missions not only engages your team’s energy, expertise and enthusiasm with a real world task that unites and inspires. We also combine our years of experience in personal and professional development, incorporating team building methodologies such as

Belbin Team Role Preferences

Team Talk

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

High Performing Teams

Call us to discuss your objectives.

Meaningful Missions:

One Day Team Building Event


Our one day team building events are all about creating the maximum impact in the minimum time. We will spend the day working, playing and questing together, transforming our challenge as we work against the clock to complete our quest and succeed in our Meaningful Mission.

In addition to our hands on challenge, we will also put our methodologies and mastery into practise:

◼ Increasing awareness of team strengths and weaknesses and what to do about them

◼ Defining instances where the Team could add value and how it can do that

◼ Improving collaboration skills

Then, when the working day draws to a close, we will debrief over a triumphant tea time (there will be cake) to look back at our successes, reflect on how we dealt with challenges and embedding any learnings for the future.

You can, if you wish to make a longer day of it, hold a private dinner in the evening.  We can facilitate team games, prize givings, speechifying, talks by interesting people.

Additionally, if you wanted to re-convene in a few months time, we could facilitate a Part 2 where we build on the activity of Part 1.

Meaningful Missions:

Two Day Team Building Event


On our two-day event, we will be able to get really stuck into the community project and to see it through to its completion to the highest standard, as well as deepen our learnings about the whole experience – and how we can apply it in our day to day work.

Day One is primarily about getting stuck into the challenge, with opportunities for reflection and learning as we go along. Day Two is generally focused on leveraging the experience in Day One to enable the team to work at a higher level.  Using a variety of visual and experiential methods, we work with you on:

◼ Developing a Team Purpose and Mission

◼ Creating and Explaining Team Core Values

◼ Establishing Team Metrics

◼ Ironing out wrinkles and solving problems

◼ Increasing awareness of team strengths and weaknesses

◼ Working out how the Team could add (more) value

◼ Improving collaboration skills

◼ Creating smooth processes

◼ Creating plans and issues lists to focus on the 12 months ahead

Give us a call and let’s see what inspirational activity we can create for you.


We work with our friends from Neighbourly to identify worthwhile, local community projects.

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