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Strategy and Planning Workshops

Sure, you need a document.  But most companies needs a stronger strategy, better alignment and a dose of excitement about the future.

When you use us to facilitate your strategy session, we fully commit.  We research your market, we craft the very best session questions and we come up with ingenious and creative activities to cut through to the value.

You don't just write a document.  You create new possibilities, capture exciting opportunities, identify improvement priorities and align your teams behind a plan of action.

Types of event we run

We run the following types of event (and more):


  • Full blown, long term strategic planning events over one or more sessions

  • One-year business plans for whole businesses or business units

  • Quarterly operational review and plan sessions

  • Merger and acquisition business planning

  • Marketing plan development

  • Collaboration and partnership strategies with multiple stakeholders

  • Investor and investee alignment

  • Organisational redesign

How we approach an event

Understand.  In order to deliver a great session, we need to develop insights as to what would help you most.  What are the key planning and strategic issues in your business and industry?  What are the market forces shaping customer preference?  What innovations are on the horizon? What opportunities – for growth, for improvement - are you seeking to capture?  How will the plan become operational in the business?


Design.  Then we develop an agenda.  We make sure it is appropriately focused and balanced with a variety of input and exploration methods.  We disucss and refine it with you.

Run.  On the day, we will run the session in a highly engaging way – taking it way beyond your average boring meeting.  Our aim is to get everyone engaged and provide creative ways to process information, formulate plans and take decisions.


Report.  We are often asked to write up the workshop to capture your directions and decisions.  This can take many forms – from traditional report to a series of pictures created by our graphic facilitators.


If you would like a quote, please give us a call on 0800 011 2624 or fill in the form.


Here are some things we've done


One and two say Business Planning sessions for manufacturers, service providers, professional firms, charities, Small and Medium Enterprises.


Development of a plan for a fintech company prior to launch on FTSE AIM.

Long term strategy and over-arching narrative for national TV appeal charity.


Quarterly planning sessions (with occasional revisit of the over-arching plan) for global IT provider.


Chief Officer delivery strategy and organisation development workshop for Local Authority.


Strategy session with Private Equity investors and investees to develop ambitious growth strategies, grounded in detailed one-year objectives and projects.


Refreshing a Housing Strategy with 70 stakeholders for a London Borough.


3-year plan with 1 year in detail for partnership board of an international property consultancy.


Board and Executive Team away days for Charities, Industry Associations, Universities.

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