Our Facilitators
Jim McLaughlin
Jim has worked for companies in dozens of industries. He has a wealth of practical understanding and helps groups to move beyond their limits towards an inspiring future.
Antoinette Oglethorpe
Former HR Director, Antoinette is highly respected for her deep understanding of teams and individuals. Her style is respectful, extremely positive and action focused.
Resli Costabell
An exceptional facilitator, Resli's warmth, humour and creativity are only matched by her determination for a group to reach new heights. She is a gold medallist in Creative Thinking.
Stephen Moss
Stephen has an extraordinary level of experience in facilitating for global organisations. He has a particular interest in the application of systems thinking to create long-lasting change.
Robert Craven
Robert is provocative. He's challenging and he's great fun. He works with businesses large and small. His a ``no BS`` approach catalyses businesses into action.
Tiu de Haan
Tiu is a remarkably insightful and engaging facilitator. She creates powerful experiences for teams and groups that are as fun and playful as they are profound.
Paul Freedman
Putting his wealth of experience at growing companies, Paul's style is personable, insightful and highly practical. Clients leave his session clear, purposeful and motivated.
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